November 16, 2015

My Heart goes out to Paris

After this weekends events my heart goes out to Paris, to the innocent people who lost their lives, to the people who have been injured, and to the people who lost a friend or family member.
Paris is only a train ride away from where I live. Friends and family have lived in the French capital, visited on weekends or stayed overnight for a business trip. You keep thinking what if but at the same time are relieved that everybody you know is safe. The shock however still sits deep.

With so many emotions involved people want to have somebody to blame for the tragedy. Only a couple hours after the attacks ISIS have taken claim. Terrorists are responsible for the death of innocents. Not Muslims, not Syrians, not immigrants. We can’t blame an entire religion or country for these acts of terrorism and hate.

Reacting with more hate is not the way to move forward. Spreading violence, demonstrating against immigration, burning down homes is just as awful. Don’t fight terrorism with terrorism.

While you pray for Paris I strongly urge you to also pray for the rest of the world. Unfortunately the media coverage is very selective and we don’t read much about what happens in the world far away from us. People don’t change their profile pictures for Syria or Lebanon, there are no hashtags trending or colored Opera Houses.

It seemed inappropriate to write about beauty or fashion this weekend. Even though I don’t have a large audience I think it’s important to voice your opinion.

Please be safe, stay strong and don't loose hope.


  1. Aww it's definitely important that you speak your mind! It's also so caring and thoughtful - any amount of condolences is lovely. So dedicating a post to these terrific events is still great support.:)

    - - My Autumn Matte Make-up Look


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