November 09, 2015

A Fresh Start

I stopped posting, thought I’d come back to it rather sooner than later. Since then days, weeks and even months have passed. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only option is a fresh start. But how do you re-launch your blog? How do you wake up Sleeping Beauty?
I’m not one to jump in head first. So the last couple of weeks have been all about planning and making decisions. First I needed to figure out if I wanted to change direction but I realized very quickly that I don’t want to be just a lifestyle blogger or a beauty blogger. I want to continue to write about what makes me happy whether that’s books, lipsticks, chocolate or grey jumpers. Do what makes you happy and write about what makes you happy. Readers will notice right away when you post something that’s halfhearted.
With that in mind I needed to figure out if I could or should hold on to the name “beauty visions”. Is that a name that truly reflects my content? It might not be but I’m not ready to let go of it, it’s where I started all these years ago. Also I don’t have to worry about changing my social media accounts. Plus anything new I came up with sounded like a very cheesy 80s song title.
Looking to the right you’ll notice that my blog archive is empty. I didn’t want the baggage of the past weigh me down. I went through all my old posts, deleting the irrelevant and embarrassing ones (like me admitting to liking One Direction back in 2011), and reverting my favorite ones to drafts. Some of these posts that I kept will pop up over the next months.
I’m so excited about finally posting again and I truly feel like this is a fresh start. For now I want to stick to uploading once or twice a week. If I can stick to that and work doesn't get in the way I'll go up to 2 posts every week.
Have a great week!


  1. Good luck for your fresh start! I totally understand what you mean by old posts weighing you down. I have the same feeling about mine, which is why I deleted some of the really embarrassing ones as well ;)


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