November 01, 2015

Falling out of Love

I started this blog in September 2011 when I went into my second year of University. After reading blogs and watching Youtube videos I had the urge of creating something of my own. I wanted to have my own little space of happiness on the internet. And I was so in love with it.
Now, four years later, I’m in a different place. I’m not the same person who started the cute blog with the baby blue layout, the flowers and bumblebees in the background. I’ve done a lot of growing up, made difficult decisions in my personal and professional life, picked myself up after a rough patch. Through all of that I’ve desperately tried to hang on to my little happy place on the internet.
The relationship status between me and my beloved blog can be described as “critical”. I have neglected it over the last couple of years and despite numerous attempts I haven’t been able to save it. Life has gotten in the way and I have to admit that sadly I’ve fallen out of love with blogging. It hasn’t been enjoyable lately and I wasn’t able to put in the energy and dedication that it deserves.
This is not me breaking up with my blog though.  This is me preparing for a fresh start.

To be continued …

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