February 25, 2016

What I learned from Caroline Hirons

I’ve never been one to stick to a skincare routine morning and evening. I used to wash my face with a flannel and put moisturizer on in the morning and remove my makeup at night, maybe apply a hydrating mask every now and then. The occasional exfoliator would be used in the shower. But really I didn’t care as much as I should.
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I’ve finally blamed my foundation problem on my skin and began to do my research. It wasn’t long until I stumbled upon Caroline Hirons and her skincare blog. Caroline is a qualified advanced facialist trained in over 100 brands. She’s developed facials and trained teams all across the world. Besides working as a consultant to brands and retailers in the Beauty Industry, she’s also a blogger, mother of four and wife. Caroline is straight to the point, gives blunt and honest opinions and has a refreshing attitude. Cheat sheets on everything skincare from routines to facial massages can be found in her sidebar explaining everything a newbie needs to know.
Let me share with you what I learned: 1. Use flannels as in a new one every day. 2. No mineral oils and nothing foaming in your morning or evening routine. 3. Never use wipes to clean your face unless you don’t have access to water.
Here’s the breakdown for all the newbies and those who've always been confused as to what to use when (like me):
Morning Routine:
  • Start with a new clean flannel
  • Cleanse: any non-foaming gentle cleanser like a milk, balm or gel applied on a dry face
  • Exfoliating (acid) lotion, nothing too harsh in the a.m.
  • Spray hydrate: hydrating flower mist/water or hydrating toner, avoid alcohol and fragrance
  • Eye cream: always apply at this stage or else it’ll be useless
  • Serum/oil: if you use both serum comes first then a few drops of oil
  • Moisturizer: choose it by your skin type, not your skin condition
Evening Routine:
  • Flannel from the morning is okay to use
  • Pre-cleanse oil and eye makeup remover to get the majority of your makeup off
  • Second cleanse with a balm cleanser
  • Acid toner or exfoliating toner to get rid of the build-up if you’re suffering from dehydration
  • Spray hydrate which isn’t a necessary step
  • Eye cream
  • Treatment: oil, serum, mask, etc.
  • Moisturizer: depending on the treatment you might not need any

Please feel free to share all skincare tips and product recommendations in the comments!



  1. I found this post so interesting! I've heard much of a beauty hero Caroline Hirons is but I've never read her blog until today so thanks for sharing her tips here! Actually looking forward to my skincare routine tonight now and trying it this way :) x

    Always, Alice

    1. Caroline is beyond amazing, I could spend hours reading her blog! I enjoy my routine more now that I (kind of) know what I'm doing ;) x


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