March 04, 2016

Winter Blues in March

As I'm typing this up it's snowing outside and it's been colder the past couple of days than all of winter. European mountain resorts finally got the snow they've been waiting for although it's the beginning of March. It looks like spring isn't upon us quite yet!
Sunny Winter Wonderland

How do you keep your energy and motivation levels high during these cold winter days? Here are some tips on how to "cure" Winter Blues:
Be healthy! Drink lots of water and try to eat healthy by avoiding refined and processed food and adding lots of veggies and fruit to your diet.
Exercise! Exercising is a great way to relieve stress while you're maintaining your weight at the same time. A good work out boosts your energy level and improves your mood.
Go outside! Embrace the season and spend half an hour outside each day. Make themost of the occasional sunshine or the snow. Try something fun like ice-skating, skiing/snowboarding or even sledging.
Treat yourself! Give yourself something to look forward to to get you through the seemingly endless cold days. Make plans for a trip, a party or a day of shopping. 
Surround yourself with friends! The support of friends, family or co-workers can be very helpful. Tell them how you feel about your lack of motivation and energy. Shoot an old friend a message and have a catch up over lunch or coffee.
Relax! Get enough sleep, take a bath, watch a movie... Take some time off and try to relax!

Have an amazing start to the weekend!

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