February 14, 2016


Lily Singh recently posted a very inspiring video with a message that I want to spread. Girl on girl hate has unfortunately become a real issue among women and young girls these days. Backstabbing, lying, spreading rumours and name calling are just a few examples. Online and offline there are women sabotaging each other instead of standing together. I feel like most of the hate has its roots in jealousy, whether someone is jealous of someone else's success, family or just their new handbag. Why not take the energy and put it towards complimenting this other woman on what she has achieved. Take the negative thoughts and turn them around. We should just feel inspired to work towards whatever it is that will make us happy. Girl on girl hate isn't a topic up for discussion because as women we know each others struggles, no matter where we are or who we are. We know how much words can affect us so we should start spreading compliments, spreading love.

There are so many women that deserve much more recognition but I want to send love to couple of women that have been a part of my life.

First of all, since the inspiration for this post comes from Youtube, I want to recognize the work of the amazing online content creators. Whether they are beauty gurus, comedians or musicians, women all over the online community have been hugely successful over the past couple of months. They have sold out venues, written books, released products, been on TV, donated to charity etc. And it started in their bedrooms at home. It just shows that you can achieve so much more than you would ever think with hard work and believing in yourself. I think it's a shame that these ladies are getting so much hate especially from girls.

There are many bloggers that deserve more than just one compliment but I picked out two ladies that have influenced me during my journey. ValĂ©rie from Moonlitstories has been a great source of inspiration over the past couple of years. She constantly reinvents herself and her blog, from layout to content. Her talent when it comes to design is undeniable and I  always rely on her blogging advice. She has come a long way but constantly thrives for more.
The blogging community in Luxembourg has grown noticeably and I have been following more and more local blogs. Carmen from Clothes and Camera is somebody that I look up to for her content, her continuity and her integrity. Her posts are versatile, informative and entertaining while she's always keeping it real. Among others her blog has inspired me to start blogging again (thanks girl!).

The women that I work with are a great example on how we should support each other. They have each others back no matter what happens or who tries to attack them or their work. They help each other out without asking for a favour in return or looking for their own benefit.

I also want to send some love to my amazing girl friends. I have a great group of friends that I wouldn't want to trade in for anything. There is somebody in particular that I want to mention here. Over the last 5 years we've been through quite a bit: Living together, wild nights, travelling, university, break ups, sad times. And somehow we still aren't sick of each other. Thank you for our friendship!

Let's stop the name calling, body shaming and hating! 
And start supporting!

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